AVID Medical TRUCUSTOM Procedure Trays set the industry standard for quality and reliability by incorporating state-of-the-art systems with highly skilled professionals working together to provide you with a complete line of Custom Procedure Trays.

Designed for superior performance and produced according to the most stringent quality controls, every item is created knowing that you depend on it to perform.

AVID TruCustom means that you have full choice and control over the components that go into your trays. Whether you choose brand name items or economy offerings, AVID is committed to always delivering what you selected with no unauthorized substitutions.

In the Operating Room, change is a constant, and when it comes to your Custom Procedure Trays, we pride ourselves on some of the fastest pack revision times in the industry. We purposely build in smaller lot sizes to ensure that you see your desired CPT changes sooner.

Our AVID TruCustom team is comprised of experienced representatives, whose expertise and experience helps support all of your Custom Procedure Tray needs. Contact one of our AVID Sales Representatives and learn more about the AVID difference!

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  • Request new CPTs and revisions
  • View high resolutions component and layer by layer tray images
  • Access a variety of reports for your CPTs
  • And more!
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